I'll help you pass your Theory Test

Not just a friendly driving instructor - a teacher too!

Before applying for your driving test you must first pass a Theory and Hazard Perception test.

Practice and tips for the Hazard Perception can also be given in the car on a laptop computer.

For a lot of students the theory test is an annoyance, spending time at home studying when they would rather be doing other things. However you can not apply for your driving test until the theory test has been passed and I will give you all the encouragement and help you need to do this.

The Theory Test includes questions like these:

  • What is the minimal legal tread depth that your tyres should have?
  • What is a Toucan Crossing?
  • What is the national speed limit on a single carriage way?
  • What does a flashing amber light at a pelican crossing mean?
  • What does a flashing green beacon on a vehicle mean?

You can practise the official Theory Test here.

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2019 pass rate 83% compared to the local test centre pass rate of 54.1%

Steps to learning

3 steps to becoming a driver
1.Take driving lessons
You do not have to pass your theory test to take driving lessons. Indeed, it is recommended that you have practical lessons before you take your theory test because you are likely to perform better if you have some driving experience.
2.Theory test
The theory test is split into two parts, a multiple choice test in which you must answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly and a hazard perception test in which you must score 44 out of 75.
3.Practical test
Once you have passed your theory test and your instructor feels you are ready, the next step is to take the practical test in which you will drive a car and be tested by an examiner.